The AI Copilot for your Investments

AI based financial reasoning to make you a better investor — Have your stocks, ETFs, funds & crypto investments under control

Steering through Financial Markets

with Cutting Edge Technology

Simulations of investment hypotheses, return forecasts for 1000s of assets, and advanced analytics to gain an edge in the market

Scenario simulations
Simulate scenarios to validate your investment hypotheses and compare different strategies
Asset Forecasts
1 year asset forecasts from all major financial institutes’ analysts joined with PinkLion’s own predictions
Portfolio Analytics
Improve your investments with in-depth portfolio insights and benchmarking options

Scenario Simulations

Select investment criteria such as asset type, country, industry, and a risk & return preference. — A portfolio that best meets the requirements is generated considering 10.000s of assets. — Compare different simulations against each other

Asset Forecasts

For assets and scenario simulations a 1 year forecast is available, including confidence intervals. — Forecasts are composed by joining analysts estimates of all major financial institutes and PinkLions own predictions

Portfolio Analytics

Add your portfolio and get a detailed overview of how your investments have performed. — Detailed return & risk metrics, asset contributions, and asset allocations. — Compare your portfolio with other investment strategies

Designed for you

Improve as an investor regardless of your level of experiences. Shape your financial future proactively

First-Time Investor
Not sure how to start investing? — PinkLion scans the market for you and provides sample portfolios according to your risk and return appetite.
Seasoned Investor
You’ve been investing for a couple of years, but want to improve returns or reduce risk? — PinkLion allows you to compare multiple investment strategies and gives you forecasts for your investments.
Quantitative Retail Trader
No more tedious data cleaning and metric calculations — PinkLion provides automatic backtesting and future outlooks for your investment & trading hypotheses.

A clear vision for your future investments

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