No more guesswork, use science when investing

Stocks, funds & cryptos in one place.

Improve your portfolio with machine learning to increase returns and lower risk.

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Portfolio management

Build for the 21st century

Access thousands of financial assets, automated machine learning and analytics to gain an edge in the market.

Have access to information of thousends of stocks, funds, and cryptos
Automated machine learning leverages large amounts of information for you
Track and analyse your investments in detail

Optimze investments

PinkLion allows you to improve your existing portfolio or create a portfolio from scratch that has optimized returns and risks.

How to optimize your portfolio

One click portfolio optimization and asset risk reduction

Add stocks, funds or cryptocurrencies
Select your optimization preference
Lean back, your optimal portfolio is calculated

Track investments

PinkLion allows you to track your investments in details by offering advanced metrics and analytics. Helping you to identify potential good and bad investments.

Who benefits most?

First time investors
No need for extensive research and worrying. AI technology will scan over 1000s assets providing you with the best starting portfolio and further science backed optimisations
Seasoned investor
No need to hire analysts or data scientists to analysis your investments with advanced technology available at hand. Have access to advanced portfolio analytics supported by AI generated suggestions.
We relieve you from the tedious and frustrating parts of your job. No more cleaning data and model trials and deployment. Instead you can focus to find information that contains signals for your trading strageties.