Most PinkLion features are free.

Here is an overview over all free features

  • Scenario simulations (3/month)
  • Asset filter for scenario simulations, include:
    • Filtering by asset type
    • Filtering by country
    • Filtering by sector
    • Filtering by ESG criteria
    • Exclusion of single assets and companies
  • Scenario specific risk and return preferences
  • Benchmarking simulations against each other
  • Portfolio analytics, include:
    • Daily portfolio history
    • Portfolio performance metrics
    • Portfolio risk metrics
    • Asset allocation overview
    • Historical tracking of single stocks, ETFs, funds, and crypto currencies
  • Portfolio benchmarking
  • Performance metrics of single assets

Spice things up with Pro

PinkLion Pro gives you unlimited access, so that you can be on top of the market.
If you want to support us — Upgrade for €15/month or €150/year.

PinkLion Pro

  • All free features
  • Unlimited number of scenario simulations
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All free features

All free features are included in the Pro version.

Unlimited number of scenario simulations

Instead of 3 scenario simulation runs per month you have an unlimted amount of runs at your disposal.