99% of PinkLion's features are free.

Here is an overview over all free features

  • Portfolio tracking, including:
    • Tracking of stocks, ETFs, funds, and crypto currencies
    • Daily portfolio history
    • Portfolio performance metrics
    • Portfolio risk metrics
    • Asset allocation overview
  • Performance metrics of single assets
  • Portfolio optimization (3/month)
  • Asset filter for portfolio optimization, including:
    • Filtering by asset type
    • Filtering by country
    • Filtering by sector
    • Filtering by ESG criteria
    • Exclusion of single assets and companies
  • Portfolio optimization tailored to risk and return preferences

Spice things up with Pro

PinkLion Pro offers empowering features so that you can make better investment descisions.
Upgrade for €15/month or €150/year.

PinkLion Pro

  • All free features
  • Unlimited number of portfolio optimizations
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All free features

All free features are included in in the Pro version.

Unlimited number of portfolio optimizations

Instead of 3 portfolio optimization runs per month you have an unlimted amount of optimization runs at your disposal.